What is the benefit of American cashier system for US store stores?

With the more and more stores such as beauty salons, menicure stores, health pedicures, some American shop boss believes that they only have a small nail shop, and they do not use the cashier system, but in fact she has missed the company. The chance of competitiveness in the store. Through the marketing function of the cashier system, establish a sound member management system, plan a variety of rich marketing activities, can accumulate long users for the store. However, the management system on the market also has a variety of marketing member management systems, there are SMS marketing systems, including membership cashier systems. So, what is the benefit of the American cashier system for the US store store?

General small and medium-sized shops, for the selection of cash register software, it is actually very blind.

Because many bosses are not very familiar with the cashier software, there is no systematic understanding for computer operations, membership management, data analysis. In fact, in the selection of the cashier software, only the right one is.

1, powerful, simple and convenient interface operation, learning, from customers to store to checkout, etc.

Customer management: Can summarize all the user's data, but also complete custom settings for customer information;

Consumer points: customer consumption can receive corresponding member points, integrating marketing diversification;

Personnel Management: Intelligent employee management, automatic summary performance salary, accurate.

Information push: The owner can customize the completion of the message push, information direct access to customers;

Summary of reports: Complete summary of multiple data sources, product data, consumption, recharge, and so on.

2, intelligent management, improve efficiency

American cashier management software can meet the needs of the prime scene from customers to the merchants.

Customers can view membership balances online, order details, clear and clear, let the stores operate more convenient.

The merchant has set up marketing in the background, enhances the activity of customers, and let customers pay again.

3, analysis, daily fight

Merchants can check offline order reports online, where they can master the store business, and operate dynamics.

Through different dimensions, the store is analyzed and insightful, helping merchants make scientific and correct business decisions.

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